Backup Generator Installation

Backup Generator Installation

Backup Generator Installation in Cleveland

The weather can get a little unpredictable in the Cleveland area. You never know when the rain might strike, the wind might blow, and your home might lose power. However, you don’t have to stay in the dark anymore with a backup generator from Stack Heating, Cooling, & Electric. A backup generator protects your home instantly in the event of a power outage or electrical surge. Never be left without electricity again with the help of Stack’s team of expert technicians. We’ve been serving the Cleveland community for over 40 years and hope to include your home in our Stack family!

Call 440-937-9134 or contact us now to learn more about Stack’s backup generator services throughout Avon, Avon Lake, Vermillion, Bay Village, and beyond!

What are the Benefits of a Backup Generator?

What are the Benefits of a Backup Generator?

There are so many benefits to backup generators in your Cleveland home! Here are some of the biggest ones:

Electrical backup generators immediately power your home during a blackout. You and your family will never have to worry about food going bad again, or the toilet not flushing when there’s a power outage! Start being prepared today!

They protect your home from dangerous voltage fluctuations. Sometimes when the power returns to your home after a blackout, it can cause some dangerous fluctuations of electricity. You can avoid this with a backup generator!

When you install a backup generator you will be able to cook, use the heat or air conditioner, and watch TV during a blackout. If you start preparing now, your family will be protected and ready for anything. Enough said!

You can have a nice peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe during an emergency. Installing a generator in your in-laws or grandparents’ home can let you know they’ll have the resources they need during a storm or emergency.

Generators in the Cleveland Area

Backup generators require professional and expert installation in order to function properly and safely. One of our licensed and certified technicians will come to your site and prep the space for generator installation. Then they’ll place the generator in the best place they think it should go, run the natural gas or LP line between your home and the generator, install the transfer switch, and connect all the electrical elements that are needed. Finally, of course, they’ll test to see if your generator is working properly. Once installation is complete, your home will be in tiptop shape for the next power outage or surge!

The team at Stack knows all there is to know about backup generator installation. Call us at 440-937-9134 or contact us now to get started working with us.

High-Quality HVAC and Electrical Services Throughout Cleveland

High-Quality HVAC and Electrical Services Throughout Cleveland

You never know what unpredictable weather the Cleveland area can bring, which is where a backup generator comes in. Stack Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric has been helping the local Cleveland community keep their homes safe and comfortable for over 40 years now. Our team of expert technicians and electricians are here to help ensure your home stays the temperature you want it all year round, even during a power outage. We are incredibly passionate about providing high-quality service to each and every customer, and we’re ready to start working with you today!

To get started working with the professionals at Stack Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, call 440-294-8709 or contact us today!

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